About IQ Pigment Remover

We are IQ Pigment Remover located at Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands and have experience in practising pigment removing for over 20 years. We believe that most misplaced or unwished micropigmentation can be removed better, safer and for a fair price.

a true love story...

The Industry

The Tattoo and permanent make-up industry has been growing rapidly in the last decennia. Getting tattooed is less of a taboo, practising micropigmentation became very popular and profitable.

Permanent make-up is no longer “permanent” and tattoos can be removed to a point which might be good enough for some… IQ Pigment Remover is for those who won’t compromise and want the best result and remover in the market. IQ Pigment Remover is specially developed for micropigmentation specialists (PMU and Tattoo artists).

IQ History

Inga Babitskaya, one of our founders, decided to find an alternative for this method back in 2000. Due the limitations of the traditional laser removal method and to achieve better end results in a more efficient way. Inga completed her first removing solution in 2001. Her journey led to Yevgenia Aytas, a micropigmentation artist with Master level specialization in pigmentology, who became the co-founder of IQ Pigment Remover. After many years of testing and perfecting, the IQ Intelligent Pigment Remover formula was born.


To make removing unwanted micropigmentation safer, more efficient and affordable for everyone.


Realizing a 100% removal of micropigmentation with a single treatment.