New generation pigment removers

a true love story...

How does it work?

IQ Pigment Remover suspension consists of alkaline earth oxides and transit metals, mixed according to our unique formula. Because of the similar properties, the metal oxides in the IQ Pigment Remover are very attracted to tattoo and PMU pigments.

You can say it’s love at first sight!

When the IQ Pigment Remover comes in touch with the tattoo ink, the pigments are gradually absorbed by the emulsion and pushed to the skin surface. Read more about IQ Remover.

The procedure consists of four steps:


Step 1

Cleansing the skin surface and application of local anesthetic

Step 2

Professional application of Pigment Remover for tattoo removal

Step 3

Drying and crust formation

Step 4

Crust shedding and restoration of the skin

The Result

Before and after

IQ Pigment remover Training Centre

Masterclass "IQ Pigment Remover"

Learn how to remove (tattoo) pigments with IQ intelligent pigment remover, a great alternative for laser procedures. Our one-day Pigment Remover Masterclass has been developed carefully by international specialists.

Certified IQ Educator

By following an additional teaching course, you will become an official IQ Certified trainer. You will be included in our IQ “Training Centre” and clients can book you directly from the official website.